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Pedestrian safety

Cyclist safety

Walkable main street

Better for business


The intentional traffic-calming techniques will increase transit time by 50 seconds or less during rush hour. In return, Delaware Ave. will be transformed from a high-speed commuter arterial to a walkable main street. It will be safer for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Current businesses will thrive and and new businesses will open along the newly livable street.

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The Delaware Ave. complete streets project in Bethlehem, NY will calm traffic and make the road safer and more pleasant for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. The project will modify the traffic pattern on 1.3 miles of Delaware Avenue, from the Normanskill Bridge to Elsemere Ave. The speed limit will be lowered from 40 to 30 mph. The travel lanes will be reduced from two in each direction to one, matching the adjacent sections of Delaware Ave. to the northwest and southeast, and a center turn lane will be added so traffic flows smoothly.

This website was created by Bethlehem residents in favor of the Delaware Ave. complete streets project. Please contact us with any questions.


Photo of current Delaware Avenue


Rendering of Delaware Ave after complete streets project

Images courtesy of Creighton Manning Engineering, LLP


1. Traffic will be reduced from two to one lane in each direction.

2. The speed limit will be reduced from 40 mph to 30 mph.

3. Potential for raised center islands at some crosswalks to calm traffic and provide additional safety for pedestrians.

4. Bike lanes will increase safety for cyclists and will allow buses to pull out of traffic when stopping to keep traffic flowing.

5. A center turn lane will keep traffic flowing and reduce collisions. Cars turning left onto Delaware can turn into the center lane and then merge into the travel lane when it’s clear.

6. Slower traffic and wider, improved sidewalks will make walking more pleasant and draw new businesses seeking foot traffic.

7. Additional crosswalks will be installed with flashing yellow lights to alert drivers when pedestrians are crossing.

Complete streets lane diagram